Best Tactical / Combat Boot

Salomon Quest 4D Forces 2 GTX EN

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In today’s world, there is a sea of tactical boot manufactures with just as many models to choose from.

How do you choose the right one? I hope this review will help narrow your choices.

The Forces collection was designed from the bottom up to be high performance combat boots for the modern soldier. The collection includes 7 different models ready to fit the needs of any mission.
Models include the Speed Assault / Speed Cross, which resembles a low-cut sneaker to jungle boots to the Toundra which is an 8” fully insulated boot for the harshest of environments.
The Quest 4D GTX could very well be the best of the bunch.

The Quest 4D has an aggressive reverse chevron lug pattern and the outer sole is made of rubber which shines in just about any weather condition giving you solid traction and stability. The added Gortex membrane keeps your feet dry and warm. The Quest 4D is a mid-length padded 6” boot, which features good ankle support and protection.  This boot is built for rough terrain and to carry heavy loads.
Perfect for hiking, back packing and any mission you might be sent.

When you slip into the boots and lace them up for the 1st time, it is a memorable moment! Stability is first thing that hits you. Amazing! There is zero give left to right, where you plant your foot is where it stays. It is a huge noticeable difference from any boot I have ever owned. The anti-slip feature works well indoors, but clearly intended to be outside.

Salomon utilizes “Ortholite” inner sole which provides comfort and stability which is highly welcomed when staying in them for long periods of time in all kinds of conditions.

A few items of importance…

  • For the most part, the sizing runs true. Make sure to order your boots ½ size larger. This gives you a little wiggle room in length and width for heavier socks in the winter or expansion room when your feet swell during long treks. Not to worry about heel lift or your foot sliding around, as the lacing system design is superior and the Ortholite inner sole has you covered.
  • I also felt that there was no required break in period. They were comfortable from day one and wear them for long periods when tasked.
  • The “EN” nomenclature means that the boot has the European Anti slip and puncture rating for military use.
  • If you like this boot but without the Gortex, Salomon offers the same models in a non- Gortex version for roughly $20.00 less.

The Salomon Quest 4D Forces 2 GTX EN comes in 3 colors: Ranger Green, 2 tone Brown, and Black

The Salomon Quest 4D Forces 2 GTX comes in 1 color: Coyote


  • Amazing Stability
  • Aggressive lug pattern outer sole
  • Ample toe box
  • Slip resistant
  • Puncture Proof
  • Full looped laces
  • Toe protection
  • Did I mention amazing stability?


  • Only offered in standard width sizing
  • Not American Made, but quality is high.
  • A bit Pricey… $260.00 retail. Watch for sales!


Precise fit: Developed through experience in trail running, sensifit wraps around the entire midcourt area to ensure a snug, comfortable fit for every foot shape.

Stability: Salomon’s 4D advanced chassis guides the foot even on the roughest terrain, reducing fatigue for all-trek comfort

Secure Grip: Salomon’s non-marking Contagrip soles have a reverse chevron pattern that grips on wet, loose, hard or dry surfaces.

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With all the tactical gear out there, it is easy to overlook your feet, which in my opinion could very well be the most important item. Not having to worry about your footing in a stressful environment is paramount.

Whether you are a man on a mission, or a gray man layin low and training hard, having the right pair of boots is everything. The Quest 4D Forces 2 GTX is simply the best of the best.